About me

Having graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1990 with an honours degree in Biological Sciences (Plant Biology & Genetics) my first job was in a scientific analysis role running my own laboratory for a food business the parent company of which owned many major corporate brands. Towards the end of my 12 years there I got involved with the day to day factory management too, reporting in to and representing the site at corporate level. I had full site responsibility.

Then circumstances moved on and I decided a change was needed – to work in some capacity with animals. This ended up being in the pet food industry. Over the next 16+ years I had many roles including meeting and working on many projects with numerous suppliers, specialist and major retail customers and members of the public both in the UK and overseas – this took me as far afield as Vietnam! Many people I was lucky enough to meet were, like me, true 'pet and animal parents' not just owners. This means that only the very best things are important/vital for the animal members of their family.

I then decided to take the opportunity to work directly with things that I love and have a passion for. Animals (both big and small!), gardens & plants, baking & cooking and house care – yes this includes cleaning, ironing, decluttering and lots of things many people find a real chore!

I've had pets and animals all my life, a broad spectrum including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses (from shires to shetlands), fish, rabbits, hamsters, tortoise, chickens, cows.... the list goes on. I've had experience working with other animals as well, volunteering at a local farm park. There I even cared for llamas, goats, sheep, giant tortoises, peacocks and pigs to name but a few.

My own animal family members are “Spike”, my 13 year old Border Terrier who is a very well behaved, intelligent little dog who also has a cheeky nature, always ready to play and go on adventures, 2 horses Boris and Treacle, numerous chickens and 4 fish.

I also really enjoy baking, working with plants, gardening, greenhouse care, cleaning (inside and out), organisation and running errands. I pride myself on being friendly, trusted, reliable, organised and determined to assure attention to detail in anything I do – I basically can't sit still for a minute! Please get in contact for an informal chat regarding anything I can do for you to help make your life easier, whether this be regular or occasional work, while you're away or at work, on holiday, in an emergency, ill health or help at any time. I am happy to do “one off ” work just to help out, however big or small the job. Anything you want to know, just ask!

Thank you


If you'd like to get in touch, please either call or email. All queries will be responded to within 24 hours.
T: 07960236857
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